Did you know the Board of Education (BOE) has an impact on the quality of life of all San Franciscans? The SF Education Fund and our friends from TogetherSF co-hosted an event on March 10 on the Board of Education’s role within the City Government, its significance as an elected body, how its policies and members shape the outcomes of the quality of life for SFUSD students and San Francisco residents… and we shared some fun facts! For example, did you know that SFUSD is different from other school districts because it is a district and county board of education? Additionally, did you know that the BOE has historically been training grounds for district supervisors (including Matt Haney, Sandra Lee Fewer, and Norman Yee)? 

Our speakers shared ways to get involved with the school district, BOE, and additional resources for those invested in our city’s public education system. This event featured former California State PTA President and Ed100 Writer Carol Kocivar, and one of the three newest Board of Education Commissioners, Ann Hsu, which was announced the day after our event on March 11.

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