Fueled by equity and urgency, the San Francisco Education Fund empowers students to receive a quality public education.

How did we holistically support San Francisco public school students in the 2022-2023 school year?

Two-thirds of SFUSD schools serving low income communities received additional resources from the Ed Fund
Two of every five students in the Ed Fund’s partnered tutoring program, BookNook, grew to meet grade level


in resources went to students, teachers, and schools in the form of literacy tutoring supplies for elementary students, college scholarships for first generation SFUSD graduating seniors, fiscal sponsorship projects, grants for teachers and high school clubs, and more.

Great schools need committed community volunteers.

We recruit over 800 volunteers a year to support our teachers and students in academics, mentoring, mental health, and more. Did you know that that the estimated value of a volunteer hour in the United States reached $31.80 in 2022? That means that the equivalent of $820,694 was given to SFUSD schools in volunteer hours in the 22-23 school year!


Together with SFUSD, the Ed Fund identified “Priority Schools”. These are schools that serve the most under-resourced populations in San Francisco. The Ed Fund focuses its resources to Priority Schools to help build better access to high quality education. The parameters below describe our Priority Schools.

> 50%

Students Below Math/English Proficiency

> 50%

Students of Color

> 50%

LOW SES Bracket

More than 50% of the school student population is below Math/English proficiency
More than 50% of the school student population are students of color
More than 50% of the school student population is identified as from a low socio-economic demographic bracket

The SF Ed Fund is the largest non-profit providing tutoring and classroom volunteer assistance to SF public school students, with the majority of resources targeting the most under-resourced schools and students.


Total Invested


Students Served

Over $15 million total investment into SF public school students

Tutoring, COVID-19 Internet Relief Fund, COVID-19 College Fund, college scholarships, teacher classroom grants, teacher equity grants, student grants, Circle The Schools

270,000+ students served

through programs such as tutoring, college scholarships, classroom grants to teachers and students, volunteers in the classroom, corporate partnership programs, mentoring

24,000+ volunteer placements – Ed Fund is the largest volunteer provider for SFUSD

Tutoring, COVID-19 Internet Relief Fund, COVID-19 College Fund, college scholarships, teacher classroom grants, teacher equity grants, student grants, Circle The Schools

2,000 (~200/year) teachers assisted with classroom help

  • 96% of volunteers would recommend volunteering
  • 93% of volunteers renewed their commitment to volunteer again

With new leadership in place, in the midst of pandemic crisis, SF Ed Fund shifted its Learning Accelerator efforts into high gear, focusing on the most under-resourced schools and most vulnerable students.

$5.9 M

’21-’22 Total Investment


Students Served to Address COVID Unfinished Learning

5000 of the most vulnerable students served

with tutoring programs to address COVID-related unfinished learning since the summer of 2021

Built, launched and scaled effective literacy recovery program in 6 months

6 months after hearing needs from parents, SF Ed Fund launched a new digital tutoring program (BookNook) to address COVID unfinished literacy learning. Launched initially with 1000 students, the program has now served 5000 students, at 19 different school sites.

Alternatively, BookNook attempted to directly launch their own program in the LA Unifed School District. They were only able enroll 159 of their total capacity, compared to 75% with Ed Fund.

SF Ed Fund tutoring participants caught up at 2x the rate as others, with 42% returning to grade proficiency after 10+ sessions

Ed Fund targets its resources to the most under-resourced school in SF, helping to bridge the equity gap in access to quality education.

10/2022- Won national award recognizing success as Learning Accelerator

Out of hundreds of education-related NGOs, SF Ed Fund was recognized by national leaders in education (Gates Foundation, US Sec of Ed, Kenneth C Griffith, Overdeck Foundation, etc), and was awarded with a $250K grant, as 1 of 31 non-profit organizations, for taking “effective action” with “high impact” in addressing the academic achievement gaps made worse by the pandemic.

Co-Founder of Literacy Coalition

10 city-wide partners working together to transform access to literacy supports, ensuring that 5,000 youths from birth to 5th grade facing poverty and unfinished learning will have access to high quality, proven strategies.

Quick, effective implementation of programs tailored to individual school-site needs

  • 38 schools supported with mental wellness programs
  • 39 schools “adopted” by corporate partners
  • 82 schools sites received classroom volunteers
  • 10,000 students served
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