Calls to volunteer in local schools have gone out across the city — and an astounding number of you have answered. Since August, more than 490 people have signed up. Many of our longtime volunteers referred friends and shared their stories at local meetings and organizations. Publications like the Bay Area Reporter, Mission Local, SFist and SF Weekly wrote to their readers about how they can help in public schools. Our students and teachers are so thankful for this outpouring of support:

“Volunteers help us zone in on exactly what students need,” said Nikki Thornton Street, who teaches at El Dorado Elementary School. “They become a part of our school family. I’m so grateful to our volunteers, because I believe this work cannot be done alone.”


Each time someone signs up to attend an information session, we ask what drives them to serve their community. We’re inspired by the answers. Here are just a few:

“I believe that continuing to improve education will help solve many of the problems that our country faces today. Our children are our future, and I want to invest in that.”

“I feel strongly that a good education is a critical ingredient to success in our country.”

“This seems like a great way for me, as a tech worker, to give back to my community. I’ve been involved in tutoring throughout college, and I dream to one day switch careers to education.”

“Political nastiness and hyper-partisanship made me realize Facebook posts just aren’t going to solve the complex problems we face. But mentoring a child, teaching them to read, showing them someone cares might increase a child’s chances of success.”

“I would really like an opportunity to mentor young students and encourage them to take up an interest in STEM fields. I’m a successful female engineer and analyst, and I hope to pass on the resources young students need to succeed.”

“I want to help young adults like so many mentors and teachers helped me. I believe education is the best way to strengthen our community here in San Francisco and I would like to be a part of the effort to make our schools as great as possible.”

If you volunteer, share your reason why in the comments!

Not a volunteer yet? Sign up for an information session today (we offer both in-person and online sessions!) We could especially use your help in our Math and College & Career Readiness Programs.

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