Our very own Andrew Nance, a volunteer who created a mindfulness curriculum for San Francisco students, has received a national Daily Point of Light award for his work.

Andrew, who also recently published a children’s book about mindfulness, started as a volunteer with the San Francisco Education Fund in 2015. Teaching students how to be focused, calm and present soon became his passion, and so he created Mindful Arts San Francisco, a program for public school children. Now, 20 more Education Fund volunteers take part in practicing mindfulness with students and their teachers.

Points of Light recently featured Andrew in a Q&A on their website. “Volunteering lifts me up,” Andrew said in the piece. “It fuels me and makes me smile. It makes me try to bring my best, my most curious self to the work because the stakes are that high in my mind.”

We’re constantly inspired by Andrew’s dedication and drive. Congratulations to Andrew!

Have experience teaching mindfulness and want to become part of this program? Contact Andrew Nance to learn more about how to get involved.