Eria Limos

Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
Eria Limos Headshot

Eria Limos (she/her/hers) is passionate about serving and working within the community. Eria is a recipient of the Maisin Scholarship and served as an intern at the Ed Fund during the 2022-23 school year after graduating from San Francisco State University with her BA in Criminal Justice. During her senior year of college, she also served at SF Superior Court as an intern for a year, where she provided civil-case court procedures/legal information to self-represented litigants. Working at a community-based organization where she can support providing equitable access to education is important because she believes that knowledge is one of the most powerful tools people can have. During her intern period at the Ed Fund, she learned the vision and mission of the organization and connected it with her career focus, which is to empower her community by providing what they need to better their lives. She started her role as a Corporate Partnership Coordinator in July 2023.

She has immigrated to two different countries (Japan and USA), and she loves learning about and interacting with new cultures. She enjoys exploring and trying new restaurants and driving or walking around places with nice beach and mountain views.