Securing educational equity for public school students

With your help, we have supported 250,000 students and counting in San Francisco's public schools over the past 40 years

A diverse group of students.

At the San Francisco Education Fund, we are driven by a vision for equity in our schools and in our work with one another. We show up each day with courage, candor, vulnerability, empathy, and accountability. We are unafraid to have the tough conversations that will continue to pay dividends for the students and families we work with and for every day. We hope you will join us.
Because it Takes a Community.

For over 40 years, the San Francisco Education Fund has mobilized the community to support equitable access to a quality education for SFUSD public school students. Though programs have evolved to meet changing needs, it is the Ed Fund’s established relationships in the community that uniquely allows us to accelerate effective implementation of targeted solutions. This commitment to create stable and equitable conditions, so that all students can learn, continues to drive all that the Ed Fund does. While our programs and efforts shift to address current student and school needs, our values hold steady with an unwavering focus on ensuring equitable access to learning.

While many adults have begun to rebuild a sense of normalcy in their lives, it can be easy to forget that transitioning out of pandemic crisis-mode is a slower process for children, for whom a larger proportion of their life has been governed by COVID-19. Especially for those who were already marginalized and struggling before COVID hit, the continued pressures and aftermath of the pandemic remain a daily reality for San Francisco’s 50,000+ public school students.

With your help, we have impacted 250,000 students and counting in San Francisco public schools over the last 50 years.
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Watch the Story of
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