Meet Genesis, a Maisin Scholar Award recipient and freshman at San Francisco State University. “That picture was taken after my first final, which was COM 150,” Genesis said. “I was really happy and excited because after staying up late at night and studying a lot, I was able to answer all the questions in the final. I felt happy and smart. I felt that by working hard, I can accomplish everything I want. That made me feel really proud of myself, and it also motivated me to keep studying hard for my other classes in order to obtain a bright GPA.”

Along with providing funding for graduating San Francisco Unified School District seniors, the Maisin Scholar Award provides students with college counseling and cohort meetings with fellow Maisin scholars.

“Being a Maisin scholar is an honor,” said Genesis, who plans to major in psychology. “The Maisin community helps me not only in a monetary way, but also helps me to succeed in college by providing me tools and information from my college campus.”

You can help us select more students like Genesis to receive scholarships by volunteering as an application reviewer. Readers are responsible for reviewing about 10-15 scholarship applications from March 10 to March 16, and the process can be completed entirely online. Sign up here.

The Maisin Scholar Award is funded by the Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation