Deloitte Impact Day, observed annually each June, represents Deloitte’s commitment to making a positive difference in communities worldwide, and brings together Deloitte professionals who dedicate their time and expertise to various volunteer activities. As part of the 2023 Impact Day held on Friday, June 9, Deloitte employees hosted a valuable in-person event at their San Francisco office for Maisin Scholar Award recipients – both active and alumni. Over 25 scholars spent the day networking with Deloitte’s employees, taking professional headshots, participating in resume-building workshops, and learning more about Deloitte’s MADE (Making Accounting Diverse and Equitable) program. The Deloitte CEO, Jason Girzadas, even attended the event to network with the scholars, which was extremely special for both Deloitte staff and scholars. 

Deloitte has been a Circle the Schools partner, program part of the San Francisco Education Fund for eight years, but last year was the first year of partnership between Deloitte and the Maisin Scholar Award. The Maisin scholarship is awarded to approximately 75 SFUSD seniors each year in pursuit of higher education, and helps them overcome the financial obstacles that stand in between them and their pursuit of their goals. Deloitte focuses this unique partnership on building scholars’ institutional knowledge to navigate their academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and overall life journey.  

Deloitte’s Impact Day event and partnership with the Ed Fund and the Maisin Scholar Award program demonstrate the company’s commitment to empowering students from underserved communities in San Francisco. Since the Deloitte-Maisin Scholars partnership began in the 2021-22 school year, Deloitte has been supportive in a variety of ways, including providing hands-on workshops to support career readiness with resume-building workshops, internship opportunities, interview skills workshops, mock interviews, and more.  

Several Maisin Scholars who attended Impact Day are interested in pursuing a career in accounting, and expressed how valuable the day was in exploring that career pathway – especially once they learned more about the MADE program, an initiative aimed at increasing racial and ethnic diversity within the accounting profession. Deloitte’s MADE program is supporting Maisin Scholars with career pathways through internships, scholarships, and recruitment initiatives, and empowering students of color to overcome barriers and thrive in accounting while contributing to a more diverse and inclusive industry.  

Through professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and exposure to the MADE program, Deloitte equips Maisin Scholars with the tools and knowledge needed to pursue successful careers. By supporting their educational goals, Deloitte opens doors for these scholars and helps shape a more diverse and inclusive accounting profession. Thank you, Deloitte, for your incredible support and partnership!  

Learn more about our Circle the Schools program, current partnerships, and how you can get involved here.