By Nam Nguyen~Inspired by Leon Chou

Headlights flicker   

Clouds of exhaust contaminate the air as the engine begins to crumble

Honks fill the atmosphere with confusion and discord

Static reverberates within the car

No news, no music, nothing new,

only the road

The 1971 Chevrolet, paralyzed on the side of the road

limited resources and limited funding, limiting learning

The next repair shop isn’t for miles


Red automotive paint allures the neighboring driver’s eyes as it streaks across the pavement,

shocking everything that comes into its path

The Tesla flashes to the end of the road,

only to be greeted by the next highway named Employment

Will the Honda Civic ever be able to catch up with the Tesla,

and be able to go where the Tesla will go,

without burning out?

Or will it stay in the desert we call inequitable funding?

Nam is a freshmen in SFUSD and is passionate about educational equity.