Join the Young Professionals Council

Support students in San Francisco public schools by becoming a member of the San Francisco Education Fund’s Young Professionals Council (YPC).

The YPC promotes and advocates on behalf of the Education Fund through fundraising, volunteer initiatives and attracting new friends to the organization. YPC members attend annual fall and spring fundraisers and are encouraged to join the leadership team or join a committee to deepen their involvement. Contact Kristine Nodalo if you would like to join our YPC!


The Education Fund’s mission is to harness the power of the community to equip every public school student with the skills to succeed in college, career and civic responsibility. San Francisco Unified School District is the highest performing urban school district in California, but also has a big gap between highest-achieving and lowest-achieving students. Low-income students and students of color are consistently outperformed by their higher income and White and Asian peers. The Education Fund Young Professionals Council offers members a meaningful way to address this issue while expanding their professional skillsets, building networks and having fun with like-minded professionals.

Focus of the Council

Members of the YPC are ambassadors and supporters dedicated to strengthening SF public schools. Functioning like a junior board, YPC supports the Education Fund’s goals in three ways:

Public Awareness —Members provide support and expertise in engaging other young professionals in our cause by spreading the word on the importance of public education. The YPC organizes “salons” and leads discussions regarding issues in education to inform and promote conversation within our community.

Volunteer recruitment — Supporting one of our core programs, the YPC helps us recruit community members as tutors and mentors in our public schools by providing marketing strategies and advice and informing their networks about volunteer opportunities.

Fundraising — YPC provides fun opportunities for others to give back to our work in public schools through planning and organizing fundraising events throughout the school year. Past themes for these events have included Prom and Casino Night.


Who Can Join

Any young professional, generally in their 20s, 30s and 40s, who is passionate about public education can become a member of YPC. Many members have established professional careers and recognize this group as a way of gaining momentum in the arena of community recognition, service and leadership. Other members are in the initial stages of careers in business, government, education, the arts and the nonprofit sector — to name a few.



YPC offers one engagement event about every month to members. Members attend at least one longer planning session a quarter (approximately two hours). The overall time commitment each quarter depends on the number of projects and events the council decides to take on. Generally there is one fundraiser, one education issue salon and one happy hour or volunteer event each quarter. Members are asked to attend as many of the events as possible. The council breaks into smaller sub-committees to plan and execute the events. For examples, for our largest fundraiser each council member joins one of the following sub-committees: Marketing, Experience or Finance.


Interaction with the Board

There is opportunity for a few YPC members to serve on the Education Fund’s Board of Directors committees: Program Committee, Finance Committee and Communications/Development committee.