The San Francisco Education Fund believes in the power of determined students and dedicated educators. We support our students and teachers in a variety of ways, but two big ways we invest are through our scholarships and educator grants.

We need help from our community to evaluate scholarship applications and grant proposals. You can play a role in ensuring students and teachers receive the support they need to make their dreams a reality. We offer several opportunities throughout the year to serve on a selection panel.

Educator Grants

Each year we invite teachers and other school staff to apply for educator grants. Our Bright Ideas grantsĀ are awarded primarily to projects that provide solutions for helping students succeed in literacy and math and/or for professional development related to these academic subjects. These grants are evaluated and awarded in the fall. We also award other professional development grants in late winter/early spring through Fund for Teachers. Depending on the type of grant, reviewers read about 5 to 10 applications over the course of two to three weeks.

Sign up here if you’re interested in serving on an Bright Ideas grant panel in the fall or here to serve on a panel to help us award Fund for Teachers grants in late winter/early spring.

The Maisin Scholar Award

This year, we are selecting 78 SFUSD high school seniors to receive theĀ Maisin Scholar Award, who will each receive up to $3000 in scholarship funds for up to four years. This scholarship is awarded to underserved students who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to continuing their education. Applicant reviewers typically evaluate 10 to 15 applications in the first couple weeks of March, while interviewers conduct in-person conversations with students at the end of March. Help us award scholarships to the next class of Maisin Scholars by signing up to volunteer as a reviewer or interviewer.