With a college degree, adults in San Francisco are four times more likely to make enough money to support a family. Our city is a booming economic center, but too few students graduate from high school prepared to compete in our workforce.

Our College & Career Readiness Program helps provide the necessary support to ensure San Francisco public school students graduate from high school prepared for college, career and civic responsibility. We direct community resources to three of San Francisco’s highest-need high schools to help students reach this critical milestone. Our College & Career Readiness Program sites are:

  • June Jordan School for Equity
  • Mission High School
  • Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School

Volunteer College & Career Readiness Coaches

The San Francisco Education Fund trains and supports community volunteers to help 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students discover opportunities and plan their academic and career pathway. Most of the students at the high schools served by our program come from low-income households, and many would be the first in their families to graduate from college. For these students, professional mentors and role models can be especially hard to come by.

We pair students with coaches starting in 10th-grade for two big reasons: One, because research shows this year is crucial for students to develop skills and goals related to their postsecondary paths. Two, because we have found that support for the transition into high school ends after 9th-grade, and many college access programs do not begin working with students until 11th-grade. By pairing coaches with sophomores, we’re filling a critical gap in services.

This program is designed so that College & Career Readiness Coaches are paired with a sophomore student who they work with until he/she graduates. Volunteers work one-on-one with their student, virtually or in-person, each week. They engage students with themes such as personal development, career exposure, college exploration and strategies for setting achievable goals. Want to become a College & Career Readiness Coach? Sign up to volunteer.

Educator College & Career Readiness Grants

The San Francisco Education Fund awards college and career readiness grants to educators so they can further their professional development and/or enhance students’ postgraduate opportunities. Past awardees have created programs to engage students with Early Warning Indicators for dropping out of high school and led college tours to help students expand their expectations of what they can achieve. Want to apply for a grant? Find out about our grant opportunities.

Assessing Need and Measuring Impact

The San Francisco Education Fund uses end-of-year surveys to measure the impact of our program as well as student GPA and credits accumulated, which allows us to assess whether target students are on track to graduate high school. We use this data to direct volunteers and grants to schools with demonstrated need and measure their impact over time.