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Join Circle the Schools — the movement of San Francisco companies reinventing the model of corporate engagement in public schools! The San Francisco Education Fund and its partners and San Francisco Unified School District will help you find a public school to support and organize meaningful volunteer projects for your employees.

Your company will be matched with a San Francisco public elementary, middle or high school  for a minimum of one year. You and your employees will have the opportunity to develop relationships with local students and educators while filling a vital need in our community.

As a Circle the Schools partner, you and your team will introduce our students to the world of work, connecting them with experiences and role models that open their eyes to the careers and industries available to them right here in San Francisco. You will also address needs that require concentrated resources and/or people power, like volunteering at a back-to-school classroom set-up day or hosting a book drive to gather books to fill in the gaps in a school’s library.

The Education Fund will help you plan three to five events and projects that support students and teachers at your school. We will also help your staff gain the clearance necessary to volunteer at a public school.


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