Request a Volunteer Tutor

Tutor Request Form - 2017-18

Thank you for submitting your request for a tutor or classroom assistant. We will do our best to fulfill your request. Unfortunately, we typically have more volunteer requests than volunteers, so we cannot guarantee you will be provided with a volunteer. Each volunteer decides where they would like to help out and what they would like to do based on their own personal set of criteria. Making a formal request through our system, however, ensures that we will share your request with newly-cleared volunteers.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we do not formally acknowledge each one but you can be confident that we will contact you promptly when a volunteer expresses interest.

If you have any questions, please email Tom Laursen or call him at 415.695.5400 ext.3024. Thank you.

Contact Information
The following information is important because your Volunteer Coordinator and prospective volunteer need to contact you during the volunteer match process, as well as to follow up on your volunteer during the school year.

Your Request
I would like a Tutor or Classroom Enrichment volunteer.

Dates and Times Needed

Please enter 350 or less characters.

Commitment Agreement

As a Teacher, I will:

 have a discussion (in person is best) with the volunteer prior to the first day of volunteering—to make SURE it’s a good fit—that what the volunteer would like to do fits my’s needs and vice versa. I will go over classroom and school rules at the initial meeting and exchange contact information.

 make the volunteer feel welcome and appreciated in his or her classroom.

 contact the Education Fund immediately if volunteer is not a good match.

 respect the volunteer’s time. Tell them in advance whenever they do not need to come in (e.g. field trips, testing, etc.) and have well-defined tasks ready for them each time they come in.

 meet once a semester with volunteer to let them know how they’re doing.

  contact Education Fund once a semester to let them know how the volunteer is doing and respond promptly to any Education Fund communications regarding volunteer.

 be realistic about how a volunteer can help; do not place a volunteer with a student whose challenges are more appropriately and effectively addressed by a professional.

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