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October 10, 2015 Stories of Impact

Williams-Sonoma Takes Teachers’ Lounge Back to the Future


It’s amazing what hard work, paint and new furniture can do.

At Galileo High School, it transformed an outdated teachers’ lounge into a new open and inviting space for the school’s educators.

Earlier this month, the school’s corporate partner Williams-Sonoma sent 17 employees to redesign the lounge, which one of them said , “looks like 1987.”

They purchased new furniture and appliances, cleaned, painted walls and cabinets, and even surprised the teachers with new art.

The two-day makeover was part of the company’s teacher appreciation initiative, to support retention and employee satisfaction and their partner school. Williams-Sonoma also kicked off the school year with a breakfast for more than 110 staff members at the school.

“For me, the number of teachers and faculty that shared with us their appreciation for what we were doing, was truly moving,” said Bryce Kumagai of Williams-Sonoma. “I know for me, my teachers growing up had a huge impact on me. They often do not realize how important they are to their student’s lives and they are often not given the gratitude they deserve. I’m thrilled that we were able to give a little back to them, for all they have done to positively impact the lives of their students. This project made me even more proud to work for a company that is willing to give back to the community, especially our neighbors next door. It was an honor to help lead such a project.”

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